Quba tech is the best choice to obtain the many advantages of the most powerful software development programming language. Furthermore, as a leading Java development company, we offer clients the most reliable Java software development services in different industries. We have a diverse team of Java developers who are proficient in Java and software development. They also have comprehensive knowledge in numerous java technologies, services, SDKs frameworks, tools, and other java technologies. In addition, our developers have years of experience and can deliver a variety of quality services.

Technologies & tools Used by us

Our Java experts at Peerbits leverages a huge inventory of latest and advanced tools & technologies. Our Java programmers are well trained and skilled in optimally utilizing these tools.

Tools & Utilities

  • Jenkins
  • JS-Beautify
  • JUnita
  • Apache ANT™
  • Apache JMeter™
  • JRat
  • Apache Maven
  • Mockito


  • Apache Struts
  • Grails
  • Play Framework
  • Spark
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap


  • Standard libraries
  • JHipster
  • Apache Commons
  • google-gson


  • SQLAlchemy
  • SQLite